Lottie Perkins: The ultimate collection by Katrina Nannestad

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Illus. by Makoto Koji. ABC Books, 2020. ISBN: 9780733340987. 240pp., pbk.
Charlotte (you can call me Lottie) Perkins is an exceptional child - well, that's her belief anyway. She has a range of talents - each different in each story - but most of all she has drive, determination and a confidence in herself that is remarkable for a seven year old. In each episode of the series, Lottie becomes a different character, one that is determined by the events that get her into strife and how she extricates herself from it.
Aided and abetted by her best friend Sam Bell, who believes in her as much as she does herself, her goat Feta and her pet rabbits, she slips into new roles while managing to circumvent the blocking efforts of mean-girl Harper Dark and her cronies, using her unique talents to emerge triumphant and even more confident than ever.
Included in this compendium are the first four books in the series - Movie star, Ballerina, Pop singer and Fashion designer - offering young girls who are becoming independent readers some great reading while supporting their new skills with large font, short chapters and liberal illustrations. They will relate to the feisty, resilient Lottie and readily imagine themselves in her shoes.
Collections like these are always good value and during this stay-at-home time, four stories for the price of one will be welcome.
Barbara Braxton