Star Wars: Use the force! Discover what it takes to be a Jedi by Christian Blauvelt

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Illus. by Dan Crisp and Jon Hall. DK, 2020. ISBN: 9780241409183.
(Age: 7-10) Recommended. From the very moment I had this book in my hand I knew that my 9 year old son would love it! The cover is bright blue with a vibrant yellow, has a variety of font types and images of popular Star Wars characters. Upon opening and reading the book my thoughts were justified. Written as a non-fiction book (with contents page, glossary, and index) each page is filled with Star Wars based information, images from the films but also funny drawings, interesting fonts and contrasting colours. The language used is a casual, conversational tone and includes anecdotes from the movies (which was an added bonus for me as I will admit that I am not a huge Star Wars fan . . . )
I thought this book was well written for the 7-10 years group, however both younger and older readers can appreciate different parts of it. This text would also be brilliant for a reluctant reader who is a Star Wars fan (like my 9 year old), as the images and drawn illustrations add a really engaging factor to this book. It would also be a great introduction to the non-fiction aspects of texts.
My 9 year old son wrote this about the book "It was a good book. I liked that it had facts. I really liked the pictures; some were drawn and some were photos. If I was going to change anything, I would make it have more colours. I think kids aged 7 and up would like this-especially if they are Star Wars fans!"
Lauren Fountain