Weirdo 14: Vote Weirdo! by Anh Do

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Illus. by Jules Faber. Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781743836668.
(Age: 7-9) Weirdo 14: Vote Weirdo! is the latest entertaining story in the Anh Do series and begins with Weir Do and his classmates choosing students to run for Class Captain. Weir Do, Bella Allen and Hans Some are nominated for a number of different reasons. Weir Do rushes home to tell his family but discovers his father has bought hair clippers. His father is a serial collector of junk and this time the consequences for Weir are highly embarrassing especially as he is about to begin his campaign for Class Captain. Fortunately Henry and his father are able to help Weir Do cover up the slightly awkward problem. The campaign involves creating posters, presenting three ways to improve the school and giving a speech to the class. Bella and Weir Do complete this admirably but Hans Some with his sky writing campaign, egocentric ways to improve the school for himself and parent written speech misses the mark. An unfortunate event with a gust of wind ends Weir Do's chances of winning but in the end everyone is satisfied.
The illustrations by Jules Faber create added interest in the story and the bright blue theme begins with the cover and continues throughout the book. This fourteenth book in the series is perfect for those younger students discovering chapter books, reluctant readers or just for those children who can relate to a light, humorous and quick read. Themes: Humour, Friends, School, Family, Recycling, Voting.
Kathryn Beilby