Evie and Pog: Take off! by Tania McCartney

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Angus and Robertson, 2020. ISBN: 9781460757932.
In a series of three stories we are introduced to Evie, a six-year-old who likes knitting, jumping, and books and cake; her companion is Pog, the pug who likes to drink tea and read the newspaper. The stories and characters are a little bit strange and their actions involve messiness, mishaps and chaos. They could confuse the targeted beginner readers rather than entertain them.
The quirkiness that McCartney has incorporated into the storylines is sometimes so bizarre that it left me scratching my head. Logical connections seem to have been abandoned from time to time, so that paragraphs jump and ideas are scattered, a ploy that may not help younger readers. The illustrations though are cute and well presented in naive style. Themes: Friendship, Animals.
Carolyn Hull