How to make a better world (For every kid who wants to make a difference) by Keilly Swift

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Illus. by Rhys Jefferys. Dorling Kindersley, 2020. ISBN: 9780241412206. 96pp.
(Ages 8-14). Highly recommended. How to make a better world is a large colourful nonfiction book that helps to empower children who want to make a difference in themselves and their community. As adults we are constantly bombarded with bad news about what is happening to the earth and many children today have become stressed by feeling powerless to change what is happening around them. This book gives many suggestions and ways they can begin to make a difference.
The book is divided into four chapters; You, Community, Humanity and Environment. By first focusing on "You" the author is making children realize that any change needs to start with helping themselves to become healthier, happier and more positive about life. It then moves into the wider area around the children by suggesting how they can become involved in the community around them. It mentions friendship, volunteering and heritage among others. Then the author moves out to things to do in the world from finding a cause, to raising money and to going on a protest march, to name just a few. Helpful tips and strategies such as how to make a good poster feature in this chapter. The environment and information about the problems that face our world today including climate change, green living, vegetarianism and the plastic problem make up just a few of the many things in the last chapter.
Prominent people, including activist children and young people are mentioned throughout the book as examples both from the present day and from the past. The pages are brightly coloured and attractive including some side-ways pages to add interest. I think it is a valuable book to have in any home or classroom and will help to inspire children to act on the things about which they feel passionate. Themes: Social action, Personal development, Community improvement.
Gabrielle Anderson