Ali Cross by James Patterson

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Penguin Random House 2019. ISBN: 9781529119725. 309 pp., paperback.
(Age: young teens - young adults) Recommended. Ali Cross knows that when his friend Gabe Qualls goes missing that he must jump right into action to find him. But with each day that passes his odds seem to dwindle. Determination, intelligence, logic and persistence are all things he has inherited from his father Alex Cross, a brilliant DC detective who is facing his own troubles at the same time as his son. Following along both father and son and their investigations, we see if they can help each other solve the mystery of what happened to Gabe Qualls.
As a short novel this was a very intriguing story about crime, families and friendship. It also branches off from Patterson's adult fiction Alex Cross series, but Patterson does well to include the father in this without mention of any events that happen in his respective series. Instead the focus is mainly on his son and portrays more of his actions and personality as a father instead of a detective. Ali himself is also written in a way that portrays him as the spitting image of his father, the only thing he lacks though is his patience which gets him in a few spots of trouble throughout the story, but also helps him out a few as well.
I would recommend this to young teens/young adults interested in crime and suspense, as well as anyone looking to get into James Patterson's works also.
Kayla Raphael