Monster Nanny by Tuutikki Tolonen

cover image

Allen and Unwin, 2020. ISBN: 9781760525590. pbk., 298 pp.
(Age: 7-11) Monster Nanny the title says it all. If you're a Roald Dahl fan you will enjoy reading Monster Nanny by Finnish author Tuutikki Tolonen. I found it was a refreshing change of pace from the majority of books out there and a nice return to timeless adventure. As soon as I saw the cover I thought of Where The Wild Things Are and yes the monsters did remind me of the book.
Halley, Koby and Mimi's mum has won a spa trip to Lapland and due to Invisible Voice (the dad) always being away for work and not being able to be there to watch the kids, a nanny has been promised to watch the kids. This nanny is no ordinary nanny but a huge, half human, hairy, dirty, dust covered monster. Mum has been convinced that the monster is ok and is part of a "secret special experiment . . . researching new options for child care work" so off she goes and the children are left in the care of Monster Nanny.
Monster Nanny is a delightful read that any middle school student will enjoy. The children in the story were easy to relate to and take us on an adventure to discover who the monster is and where it came from. Along the way we meet other monsters, a talking robe and little monster mosquitos.
This is one book I would add to my shelf in the classroom for all kids to enjoy. Before I forget, the black and white illustrations in the book were a great addition. Looking forward to reading more books from Tolonen.
Maria Komninos