Scorch Dragons by Amie Kaufman

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Elementals book 2. HarperCollins Children's Books, 2019. ISBN: 9781460755280. 448pp. pbk.
(Age: Middle Years 9+) Recommended. Dragons, wolves, adventure and magic. What else does a middle grade reader want in a book? Just imagine being able to transform into a dragon or a wolf, something any middle grader would love to do.
Scorched Dragons is, Amie Kaufman's second book from Elementals series. I can see why she is a New York Bestseller author.
Right from the start I knew it will be a book I could not put down. I loved the detailed map of the land of Vallen I was about to visit.
I have not read book one, Ice Wolves and I gathered that Scorched Dragons leads on from after the war that reunited Anders and Rayna who are twins that are totally opposites. Together with Lisabet they go on a hunt for a weather changing artefact called the Snowstone. They must find the Snowstone or the dragons will be in trouble.
I loved reading about the history of the conflict between dragons and the wolves and why each other hated the other. It was great to see wolves and dragons working together to save everyone and learning that the things they were taught over the years about each other were untrue. Anders and Rayna also discover who their parents are.
Scorched Dragons is a great fantasy book all about adventure, magic, transformation magic, friendships and friendships between enemies.
The characters were good and you could picture them transforming into dragons and wolves. They did stay in their human form most of the time which made it easier for me to relate to what was happening and finding the story more real.
I must say, Kess is my favourite character. Their lost cat that reappears during the story. Hehe can you tell I'm a cat person.
Maria Komninos