Silly, messy, amazing, magnificent ME by Kylee Cooke

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Little Steps Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925839630. pbk. 28pp.
Highly recommended. Sometimes Em is told she can't do things like wear certain clothes or be a dragon, but she does not listen and is determined to do what she wants. With her family's support, her mum tells her to 'wear what you feel good in and be confident!',
Her dad tells her 'anyone can play any sport.'
Em tries her best with both things she enjoys and things she is not so crazy about.
Em knows she is not good at everything but Em loves everything about herself, especially her name because backwards it spells ME.
This is a very positive book about the importance of loving yourself, it doesn't matter how good or bad you are at something, it doesn't matter if people say you won't be able to do that, if you give it your best shot and enjoy what you are doing you can do anything you want.
I highly recommend this book for its positivity.
Karen Colliver