The Mitford scandal by Jessica Fellowes

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Sphere, London, 2019. ISBN: 9780751573930.
(Age: Secondary) Themes: Set in the late 1920s and early 1930s London, this historically correct mystery is narrated from Louisa's (lady's maid to Diana Mitford) perspective.
The book denotes the author's deep knowledge of the historical figures and events of the period (she has written for the Downton Abbey TV series).
The actual mystery is woven around the life and events of aristocratic Diana Mitford's life as a young married mother and society woman.
The mystery incorporates drugs, homosexuality, poisoning and a surprise ending with religious mania. I found the pace slow until the last chapter since the life of the Mitfords and friends is prominent with a love interest for Louisa also woven into the story.
While I enjoyed reading the book, readers who do not have much knowledge of (or interest in) the Mitfords may not find the book as interesting.
The book has a Historical Note and Bibliography sections at the end.
The Mitford scandal is the third of the Mitford Murder series by Jessica Fellowes but can be read as a stand alone mystery.
Ann Griffin