Oops, I've told a little lie! Chrissie Perry

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Illus. by Pete Petrovic. Blabbermouth book 2. Scholastic, 2019, ISBN: 9781760663223.
(Age: 8+) Recommended. Themes: Personality, Truth, Dogs. Chrissie Perry's Blabbermouth series chronicles Amelie Anderson's life as she tries to control her most embarrassing trait, blurting comments out before thinking of the consequences. In Oops, I've told a little lie! Amelie is keeping two secrets from her friends; she's the author of the school newsletter's advice column and she doesn't really have a pet schnoodle puppy. Amelie's blabbermouth continually causes problems, and when her teacher announces a special news session for the following Wednesday, she can't help herself. With a little egging on by frenemy Paris, Amelie boasts she's bringing something amazing, adorable and irresistible to show.
In her friendship circle Pepper, Charlie and Sophie understand her ways, even when she goes a little overboard. However, Paris continues to question, criticise and spoil Chrissie's school life. Uncle Matt's surprise arrival with cute puppy Patch compounds Amelie's problems when Paris determines to buy the puppy. Meanwhile, Amelie's parents support her offering wise advice as she worries about the puppy drama. Amelie continues to write her advice column helping Sanjay to negotiate playground dramas.
Chrissie Perry continues to explore emotional resilience, friendships and finding your place in the upper years of primary school. With different font styles and sizes and Pete Petrovic's fun characters this a fun novel for hi-lo readers. Perry worked with students from Years 4-6 to inspire her and she presents a genuine understanding of Amelie's personal growth and her willingness to change.
Rhyllis Bignell