One runaway rabbit by David Metzenthen

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Illus. by Mairead Murphy. Allen and Unwin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760523558. 32pp, hbk.
Lulu is happy to live in her hutch in the backyard but one night when she spots a hole in the fence, she is tempted through to explore the world further. Unfortunately a hungry fox is on the prowl and his nose smells Lulu and the chase is on. Can she escape?
Metzenthen has used the minimum of words to tell this tale because with the exquisite illustrations in a style that might be unfamiliar to younger readers, no more than what are there are needed. This is perfect for encouraging the reader to look carefully, tell their version of the story and predict the outcome. All are essential elements of the early reader's arsenal in making sense of print and stories and demonstrate their level of comprehension.
A delightful story that offers something new to explore each time it is read, especially if the astute adult asks "what if . . . ?". Metzenthen says he dreams of writing the perfect story - this is getting close to it.
Barbara Braxton