The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson

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Illus. by Axel Scheffler. 15th Anniversary Edition, Macmillan, ISBN: 9781509894475.
(Age: 2+) Highly recommended. Themes: Rhyming story, Mythical animals. What a joy to read aloud to very young children and what a fun picture book this is for older kids! The 15th anniversary edition of the well-known picture book will be welcomed by all who would like an updated version with a wonderful wrap-around play scene that forms part of the cover, and press-0ut pictures to use as the story is read.
It is easy to see why The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's child remain favourites. The easy to read, rhyming story flows along beautifully when read aloud, and the illustrations are delightful. The Gruffalo's child is a mini version of her father, with tiny horns, and humorous little details like the snowman that looks like a Gruffalo will bring a smile to the faces of readers. I loved the risk taking little Gruffalo who is not too scared to go exploring on her own out in the wild wood, trying to find the Big Bad Mouse. The way the clever little mouse outwits the Gruffalo's child making a large mouse is great and would lead to much discussion about shadows.
As well as the wrap around play scene this edition contains some activities, 'The Gruffalo's Child Song', a quiz and information about putting on a play.
This is a keeper for me. It will make a wonderful gift and it would likely become a favourite book in the classroom, with its strong read aloud aspects and valuable activities.
Pat Pledger