Peppa Pig: Australian fun by Ladybird

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A Touch-and-Feel playbook. Ladybird, 2019. ISBN: 9780241402412, Boardbook. 10p.
(Age: 0-3) Fans of Peppa Pig will welcome another board book, this time looking at how things feel. Peppa loves exploring Australia and finds the touch of the sand to be rough and scratchy, the waves big and bumpy, the koala fluffy and soft, the boomerang smooth and bendy, and the pink dress happy and bright. Each thing that is touched is put on a separate page with the narrative on the page beside it. The materials that are touched are sturdy and should last for the touch of little fingers many times.
The Pig family and Mr Kangaroo and Kylie Kangaroo are all painted in very vivid colours with a bright background for each page. Peppa and Kylie are outfitted in floral hats and cover-up swim wear when they are at the beach and everyone wears a hat throughout the book as they go exploring. The illustrations are amusing - especially the koala with the big word Snuffle printed above his funny little face and soft nose that children will love to touch.
This will be a happy read aloud, with words like 'Woohoo!' as Peppa rides a wave, and 'Woo! Woo' Woo' Woo' as she throws a boomerang, encouraging the young child to join in. This is a fun book for the very young and pre-school child.
Pat Pledger