Leaping Lola by Tracey Hawkins

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Illus. by Anil Tortop. New Frontier Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925594591.
(Ages: 2-5) Dance, Rhyming Story. Lola is a brown Jersey cow who just loves to dance. But Lola is a milk cow, not a black and white cow; Jersey cows just aren't built to dance, her mother says. Regardless, Lola cannot help it, she clip-clops her hooves, flicks her tail, pirouettes here and spirals there. With the help of her friend, she disguises herself and slips into the Black and White Ball. She's just getting warmed up when . . . splash! A downpour of milk washes her mud disguise away, exposing her for the brown cow she really is.
There are lots of movement words in the story, making it a fun and rollicking read aloud, but the story itself lacks a sense of purpose and the ending doesn't resolve everything as nicely as it could. Teacher's notes are available.
Nicole Nelson