Daddy cuddle by Kate Mayes

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Illus. by Sara Acton. ABC Books, 2015. ISBN: 9780733338021. 32pp., pbk.
Very early in the morning and as Little Bunny's eyes go ping, his brain thinks of only one thing! And he sets to work to achieve it. As Little Bunny does all that he can to rouse his sleeping daddy and get him to play, there is no response. But eventually, Daddy wakes up and despite all the plans that Little Bunny has suggested there is just one thing that they both want . . . and Daddy gets to stay in bed just that little bit longer!
Celebrating the special relationship between father and child, with its gentle illustrations, this is one that despite its sparse but repetitive and predictable text builds tension and anticipation as the reader wonders whether Daddy will ever wake up - and just how he will react when he does. This is a charming story that will resonate with both parent and young child because it tells a tale that we are all familiar with.
Barbara Braxton