Computer coding games for kids by Carol Vorderman

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Dorling Kindersley, 2019. ISBN: 9780241317747.
(Age: 8-16) Themes: Computer programming, Programming languages, Computer games - design and construction. Computer coding projects for kids presents a visually appealing step by step guide to computer programming for kids, beginning with the playability components that make a fantastic computer game, characters, mechanics, objects, rules, goals, controls difficulty levels and the game world. Computer games range span across different genres - traditional, combat, role playing or puzzles. By developing understandings of how coding works, the basics of Scratch 3.0 and sourcing the program, we are introduced to the first game Star Hunter. With clear instructions, screen grabs, easy to follow instructions and little pixelated characters providing helpful hints, young programmers will soon achieve success.
Computer coding concepts are also explained from using coordinates, looping, Boolean expressions and writing strings of coding. In the Scratch section, there are progressively longer games to program. Cheese Chase is a maze game where Mimi the Mouse tries to avoid the beetles and ghosts on her journey to find the cheese. Jumpy Monkey's mission is to jump and eat all the bananas. In the second section, the Python language is introduced, utilising the same format while building on the concepts learned in the Scratch chapters.
Dorling Kindersley publications are always visually appealing and realistically written to suit the target audience. Each computer game is precisely broken down into easy to understand steps, with plenty of tips and concepts explained. Computer programming for kids has been revised from the 2015 edition to bring the coding up-to-date with Scratch 3.0. Just right for young techies keen to begin programming and for those who enjoy the challenges of mastering more complex gaming techniques.
Rhyllis Bignell