Let's celebrate at Mass today by Danielle Binny

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Little Steps, 2019. ISBN: 9781925545814.
(Age: 3-6) Danielle Binny provides a simple but complete picture of the celebration of Mass. A little boy goes to church with his parents and baby sibling. Starting with a friendly wink on the front cover, he explains to the reader just what happens when he goes to Mass. He blesses himself with holy water, saying the traditional words, 'In the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen', then goes on to sit with his family following the actions of the priest with details of what is happening.
As well as giving readers a vivid picture of the ceremony of Mass, Binny shows a loving and caring family and a welcoming and diverse community in the church. The pictures of the father, carefully holding the baby to his chest are heart-warming. The little boy is handled gently by his mother, knowing that he must whisper if he needs to say something and when everyone gives a handshake and a smile for the sign of peace.
A glossary at the back of the book completes the picture of Mass.
The book would be very useful when looking at different religious ceremonies giving young readers a clear picture of what happens at Mass and for those who are Catholic, will emphasise the importance of Mass for their faith.
Pat Pledger