Meerkat splash by Aura Parker

cover image

Puffin, 2019. ISBN: 9780143792895.
(Age:3+) Recommended. Themes: Meerkats, Humour, Bath time, Verse, Colours. In rhyming pairs of lines the story of a group of differently coloured meerkats coming down the internal tunnels of a meerkat burrow to their bath is told. Meerkat black, blue, green, white and even pink, find their way to the large tub of water, splashing around before bedtime.
Younger readers will love the bright breezy illustrations, full of colour and movement showing the meerkats finding their way to the bathroom. The colours of the animals are replicated in the background of each page, reiterating the name that matches each. Children will love telling the reader the colour and pointing out the matching hue on each page.
The text begs children to call out the rhyming word, asking them to predict the word that comes next, marvelling at the number of words used to describe the meerkats' time in the bath. Splish, splash, splosh, swim, slide etc will ensure the attention of the reader as they try out these words for themselves.
Full of energy the meerkats love their bath and readers will spy various things used by them in the bath, recognising their own bath time. But one more meerkat is ready to jump in, and readers will get ready for the commotion that this one creates, laughing at the waves as they wash over them all. A fun filled treat for all bath times.
Fran Knight