The Chain by Adrian McKinty

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Hachette, 2019. ISBN: 9780733642517.
(Age: 16+) Recommended. Themes: Thriller, Kidnapping, Murder, Mystery and suspense. What a roller-coaster of a ride is The chain, which has a thrilling and unique plot line:
Listen carefully . . .
Your child has been kidnapped.
You must abduct someone else's child to save your own.
Disobey. Break the rules. Go to the cops. Your child will die.
Your victim's parents must kidnap another child before yours is released.
You are now part of the chain.
Rachel Klien is recovering from cancer and a divorce when she is told that her 13 year old daughter Kylie, has been kidnapped and she is now part of The Chain. Unless she finds the ransom and kidnaps another child Kylie will be killed and dreadful things will happen to anyone she loves. Can she survive the recurrence of her breast cancer and rescue Kylie?
McKinty has written a riveting and unique plot that will keep any reader on the edge of the seat through the tense machinations of the evil people who operate The Chain. Many readers will be familiar with the idea of a chain letter from their youth, and the belief that bad luck will follow if the chain is broken, and this idea translates well into an unusual plot. It is very difficult to predict what is going to happen next with McKinty adding many unexpected twists and turns into the story.
McKinty's characters are very relatable. Rachel's hard time with cancer and a divorce are easy to identify with, and the strength that she has is great when she does decide that she will have to break The chain. Her daughter Kylie is strong and feisty as well and Pete, a recovering drug addict, proves that he can help out when he has to.
A very compulsive and enjoyable crime story that lovers of mystery and suspense are sure to enjoy.
Pat Pledger