How to save the whole stinkin' planet by Lee Constable

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Illus. by James Hart. Penguin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760890261.
(Age: 7-11) Recommended. Themes: Recycling; Garbage; Waste management. Written as an instruction manual for young 'Garbologists' or waste warriors, this is a light-hearted and educational journey into the world of waste. The author encourages young readers to consider how earth would benefit from a much wiser approach to all things 'waste'. With short quizzes, small eco-experiments and imagined journeys into stinking heaps of rubbish or along recycling conveyor belts, this is a simple but effective educational approach which utilises humour that would appeal to young readers.
The cartoon style illustrations by James Hart are simple and immediately reveal the comical approach to this significant topic. The author Lee Constable is a Science Communicator and host of a Children's television Science show and has effectively used the language of 'disgusting stuff' that would appeal to kids (but in an appropriate way). Poop, rot, fungi, bacteria all get discussed and potential solutions to waste management that could be employed by young people are unpacked in an easy-to-read format.
Recommended for eco-interested readers aged 7-11. Teacher's notes are available.
Carolyn Hull