The happy unicorn by Sally Odgers and Adele K Thomas

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Pearl book 4. Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781760664275.
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Unicorns, Magic, Ogres. Pretty in pink, Sally Odgers continues her delightful magical series in The Happy Unicorn. With bright colourful pages, borders and magical words, this is another easy to read and share story, just right for young unicorn fans.
Sometimes Pearl has problems with her magic, instead of stopping the rain, it may turn pink or even create a towel that helps for a short while. Tweet the Firebird and Olive the Ogre enjoy the pink rain, it makes them happy. Olive's busing practising her loudest roars for the upcoming Ogrefest. Pearl and Tweet want to attend, and with a little help from Olive and Granny Ogma's ogre-lotion mixed from mud and leaves, they are disguised as ogres.
Pearl's talent is flicking her tail and stomping her hooves, while Tweet the Firebird can compete in the fire lighting competition with the flick of her tail. The Ogrefest is loads of fun; ogres from all over the valley gather to sing, roar and share piles of snacks. Each day is filled with laughter and fun, contests, activities and plenty of eating. Pearl wishes she could use her magic to help her friend Olive win, but that's not allowed, until the gobble-uns invade the festival. When their stinky magic fills the air, Pearl's had enough, she stamps and stomps, swishes her tail and down comes the magic pink rain which washes the gobble-uns clean and clears the air. What a wonderful outcome and a special conclusion to a difficult situation!
Sally Odgers continues to explore the themes of problem solving, valuing friends and believing in yourself. Adele K Thomas' fun, pink, grey and black pictures showcase both Pearl's magical world and add sparkle to the enchanting story. The Happy Unicorn is just right for readers venturing into early chapter stories.
Rhyllis Bignell