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Jul 17 2019

Roald Dahl's colours illustrated by Quentin Blake

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Penguin Books, 2019. ISBN: 9780241370315.
(Age: 1-5) Highly recommended. Board book. Themes: Colours. Another stunning board book featuring the captivating illustrations by Quentin Blake from Roald Dahl's stories for older children. These will make the book familiar to adults reading it aloud, and will be a fabulous introduction to the world of Roald Dahl for children.
Each of the double page spreads features a coloured background for the colours chosen, pink, red, green, blue, purple, orange, grey and yellow. For example, pink for 'I see plenty of peculiar porky pink pigs' has hilarious pictures of pigs against a beautiful pink background. Of course the famous 'green enomous crocodile hungry for his lunch' features against a lovely lime green background. Only one of the little people racing away from the snapping crocodile has a green shirt and this will be a fun way for the adult to show that there are different shades of green. This is also true of the dark orange coloured fox against an vivid orange background. It was interesting to see the colour grey featured and many children will identify with the idea of a grey suit or grey trousers.
The description of each items associated with the colour is in a bold black print which makes it easy to remember and there is a special touch at the end with a gorgeous lift the flap featuring 'a yellow giraffe with a neck that goes up . . . up . . . up!' Its construction is also very sturdy with hard boards for heavy use.
This is a fun introduction to colours for children and is sure to become a favourite.
Pat Pledger

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