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Jul 15 2019

Nits! by Stephanie Blake

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Gecko Press, 2019. ISBN: 9781776572243.
(Age: 4+) Themes: Nits, Classroom behaviour, Friendship, Humour. A disarmingly simple text tells the reader of the friendship between Simon and Lou. Simon loves Lou but she loves Mamadou. Simon is quite upset at seeing Mamadou kiss Lou, but when Lou begins to scratch at the nits in her hair, her friends, including Mamdou, desert her. But not Simon. He assures Lou that her mother will fix her problem, and kisses her. And so Simon gets nits as well.
Simply told the story shows how easy it is to get nits, and tells readers what to expect when they get them. The story reiterates that there is nothing to be afraid of and tells readers that their mothers will be able to get rid of them for them.
The simple clear illustrations underline the straightforward message contained in the book, and will appeal to the target audience of early primary readers.
Astute teachers will use this book as an introduction to the prevalence of nits within school communities and take the opportunity to encourage preventative action as well as showing the children how they can be managed.
Fran Knight

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