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Jul 12 2019

Kisses in your heart by Sonia Bestulic

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Illus. by Nancy Bevington. Big Sky Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925675924.
(Age: 2-7) Themes: Love, Comfort, Emotions, Rhyming Book. Similar to The Kissing Hand, this Australian publication reminds us that we carry the ones who love us wherever we go and can draw on that love for strength and courage. The sun is going down and the young girl in the story is getting ready for bed. Mum places kisses gently on her heart and tells her 'My dear no matter where you go, listen closely, you must know. Those kisses carry my love inside, hold your head up, glow with pride. Whether I am near or far, my love burns like a happy star.' The little girl feels warm and happy, and explains that sometimes she feels scared, sometimes sad, worried or lonely but then she feels the kisses in her heart and knows that they carry love inside. There is some beautiful imagery in the text and illustrations that do well at reflecting the girl's emotions (a starry love heart burning strong and warm, the girl scared and cold like a stone). This is a perfect book for young children who struggle with separation, as parents and caregivers will be able to use the language of the book (placing kisses on the heart, these kisses carry love inside, etc.) to comfort and reassure them.
Nicole Nelson

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