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Mar 16 2010

Nanny Piggins and the runaway lion by R.A. Spratt

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Random House, 2010. ISBN: 9781864719710.
Sarah Piggins is the total antithesis of perhaps the best known nanny in literature, Mary Poppins. Where Mary Poppins would have encouraged her charges to abide by the rules and display 'right and proper behavior' in every instance, Nanny Piggins is always ready to bend the rules as long as there is cake or chocolate to resolve the situation. Although the children in her care are occasionally filled with a sense of dread over events, she would be the nanny of every child's dreams as she puts fun and sweets before her sense of duty or obligations. The children's father, the vague and disinterested Mr. Green, proves to be easily fooled and, in one chapter, acts as a staff member in his own household, serving chocolate breakfasts to the guests at 'Nanny Piggins' B&B&S&C&C&MC' (Bed & Breakfast & Show & Cake & Chocolate & More Chocolate) establishment.
This is the third title in the Nanny Piggins series and continues to provide as much humour and amusement as the previous books. The fact that the type is double spaced makes it an easy read for younger children yet it contains sufficient humour at an adult level to make it appeal to virtually any age.
Jo Schenkel, Pilgrim School

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