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Jul 04 2019

Squidge Dibley destroys the school by Mick Elliott

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Lothian, 2019. ISBN: 9780734419422.
(Age: 8-11) Recommended. Themes: Humorous stories, School. School can be a very funny place, but Mick Elliott has made the Craglands South Primary School into the most hilarious place in the universe. The story of the arrival of Squidge Dibley (a most unique student with bizarre 'medical' anomalies) and his interruption into the life of 6PU is narrated by Padman O'Donnell, one of the students who has his own quirky attributes and family life. The class is an accidental nightmare as it seems that all the kids who might cause trouble in a school are all co-located in the same class and teachers are falling like deciduous leaves (there is a small glimmer of hope along the way . . . but she does not last long either). The final replacement teacher would have to be the worst (multiplied by 3) possible option for the class who have perfected the art of being gross and uncontrollable. With explosions of body gases, weird behaviours, tricksters, a blow-fish as a class pet and plots of diabolical fiendishness, this account of school life is just one amusing moment after another . . . with multiple detentions along the way.
Written for the generation of readers who love Diary of a wimpy kid, Tom Gates and other books designed to cater for readers who love quirky and silly humour with crazy illustrations, this will be another series that will be easily consumed and peer recommended.
Carolyn Hull

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