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Jul 02 2019

Rabbit's hop by Alex Rance

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Illus. by Shane McG. Allen and Unwin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760524449.
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Themes: Rabbits, Tigers, Kindness, Humour, Goals, Strength, Endurance. Jack Rabbit is the best at almost everything on his home of Rabbit Island. He can hop and jump and run, beating every other rabbit, but he is second best at zigagging. Zigga Rabbit always beats him. But he is also looking at broader things, he is restless and unsettled so when his cousin, Roo suggests a visit, via a message in a bottle, Jack is all ears.
But Roo lives on Big Island and that is a problem as it is across the sea. Zigga Rabbit shows him how to zigzag his way cross the ice flows to the mainland, and off he hops. But the waves are enormous, almost engulfing him, until he puts his mind to one of his many skills and jumps over them. He meets a whale caught up in a net and again reminding himself that to work hard and be kind are two of his mantras, he chews the whale free. In return, the whale takes him to Big Island, where he finds he is a little afraid, but the whale tells him to work hard, be kind and enjoy yourself, and he does just that.
Jack Rabbit is a kind, hard-working animal who faces challenges throughout his days spent on Rabbit Island and is keen to test himself in a new territory. His mantra, work hard, be kind and enjoy yourself, holds him in good stead as he races against the others on Rabbit Island, and he is known for his kindness. This comes to the fore as he tries to cross the water to Big Island, his kindness to the trapped whale resulting in it giving him help to achieve his goal. On Big Island, he again uses his skills to befriend a tiger and together they race against each other.
The sequel to the popular Tiger's roar (2018) promotes the same qualities, of being yourself, of being kind, working hard and enjoying yourself. Subtly promoting activity and sport the story will be eagerly looked for by readers who recognise the Richmond colours, and are eager to see another outing for Tiger and his friends. Teacher's tips are available from the publisher.
Fran Knight

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