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Jun 28 2019

Rebellion at Eureka by Alan Tucker

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Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781742994314. paperback, 281pgs.
(Age: middle primary) Oh where, oh where was this novel when I was teaching about the Goldfields to my class? Would have been awesome to read it as a class novel. My class would have loved reading a true-life adventure about the Goldrush. I think Rebellion at Eureka would be a great addition to any school collection for students studying the Goldrush. I will be buying copies for my school.
I found the story of 13-year-old Alf and his mum moving from Melbourne to Ballarat goldfields an engaging story about life on the goldfields leading up to an Australian historical event, the Eureka Stockade and what happened during the event. The story is about Alf and what he sees during his time on the goldfields. He finds himself and gains his independence from mum while experiencing the events during the stockade. I liked how Tucker showed how people who lived on the goldfields helped and supported each other.
Rebellion at Eureka was beautifully written and very easy to follow which is a bonus as a class novel and would easily engage students to imagine living during the Goldrush and experience the hardships and treatment of the miners and families back in 1854. I can't believe the corruption back then. You learn so much about the Troopers.
The novel also includes references to historical figures like James Scobie and Peter Lalor and the parts they played in real life at Ballarat. At the back of the book you will find historical notes which I found interesting.
Oh yeah, Joe the dog was quite a character too.
Maria Komninos

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