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Mar 11 2010

Strange Angels by Lil St. Crow

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Razorbill, 2009. ISBN 9781921518324.
(Age 13+) Recommended. Dru Anderson and her father have led a nomadic existence, travelling around the U.S. searching for things that go bump in the night. She has been used to packing up and moving on since her grandmother died and life with her dad has been anything but dull. She's been drilled to look after herself, physically and mentally. Outwardly she is self assured, self contained and confident. But the move to the Dakotas changed everything. Not only was it bone-chillingly cold but there was a feeling of menace in the air.
Life changes dramatically for Dru when her father is killed and she has to deal with the very serious consequences. Not only is she alone, but there are some very weird 'things' from the 'Real World' that want her dead. Fortunately, Graves, a Goth from school gives her shelter, food and a shoulder to cry on. But this means she draws him into her world; a world of suckers, djamphir, loup-garou or werewolves and zombies.
This tale of horror is a cut above the usual vampire tale. Dru is a far more believable character than most in the genre and St. Crow keeps the action moving and the tension high. True there are a couple of cute guys but they are not given the soap box treatment. If you like a bit of zombie and vampire in your life give Strange Angels a read and be prepared for the next in the series soon.
Mark Knight

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