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May 15 2019

Me and my sister by Rose Robbins

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Allen and Unwin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760524456.
(Ages: 3-8) Themes: Autism, Differences, Siblings. Me and My Sister indirectly and gently looks at what it's like to live with a sibling with autism. It doesn't label the sister as having autism but her brother points out things that make them different (she doesn't use many words, likes different foods, can be rude to people, goes to a different school, doesn't get told for things that he would get in trouble for, doesn't always like hugs). The book also highlights things that they like doing together or that they can help each other with (listening to music, comforting each other, reading together, laughing together). The brother acknowledges that he doesn't always understand his sister or how other people respond to her, which is a common issue with siblings of children with autism and other disabilities. It shows the highs and lows common in any relationship, but the love between the two is clear.
The illustrations are warm and cheerful and it is a nice change to see a female depicted with autism in a picture book as it is commonly boys that feature. The author (based in England) has a brother with autism and she teaches autistic young children; this knowledge and understanding of everyday life with a person with autism is obvious and the tone of the book is empathetic and loving. This could be used as a general book about accepting difference in others but it will be much more appealing and meaningful to those who have a family member with autism.
Nicole Nelson

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