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Apr 30 2019

Do you dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh

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Simon and Schuster, 2019. ISBN: 9781471171253.
(Age: 14+) Highly recommended. Do you dream of Terra-Two? follows a group of young high achievers as they vie for one of six positions on 'Damocles', a space-craft destined to travel further through space than ever before. The crew on 'Damocles' are to join seasoned astronauts on a twenty-two year journey to the far-off planet known as Terra-Two, heralding the future of space travel and mass colonisation of a new world. With each candidate specially selected and trained since the age of thirteen, the mission is marketed as an unquestionable success.
With only hours until launch, the select six are left to wander free around the British Interplanetary Society's Museum, but things take a darker turn after Ara, Astrid, and Eliot leave the grounds to explore London one last time. Disaster strikes and Ara is pulled out of the dirty, polluted water of the Thames.
Desperate for a replacement and unwilling to postpone the mission, one of the beta crew, Jesse, is drafted in and the mission goes ahead, their rocket launching before Ara's burial. In psychological turmoil, the crew fight to save face and put their jobs first, despite being haunted by the ghost of their dead crew-mate. As Ara's replacement, Jesse struggles to fit in. He is the social pariah and the others act almost as if he killed Ara for her place on the ship. Going head-to-head with Harry, Jesse is the catalyst of Harry's worst side and it is only after an incident that almost kills Jesse that the others embrace him as one of their own. However, they have more to contend with than just one another as they realise just how close to death they come every single day.
Do you dream of Terra-Two? is an exciting journey into space, relationships, and the possibilities of a new world. The novel interrogates and discusses mental health, showcasing Poppy's struggle as a normal response to isolation and change.
I would highly recommend this novel to people aged fourteen and up who are interested in sci-fi or personally struggling with mental health issues.
Kayla Gaskell

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