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Apr 30 2019

Lucy Liquorice Chew and the colour blue by Cheryl Ann Knights

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Little Steps, 2019. ISBN: 9780648267454.
(Age: 4-6) Author Cheryl Ann Knights continues her exploration of colours in her new rhyming picture book Lucy Liquorice Chew and the colour blue. Young Lucy loves to watch the clouds sailing by in the bright blue sky, her felt mouse perched on her knee. Blue whales splash and leap in the blue sea. She loves to live near the beach, and everything she wears is coloured blue. Even her chair, mug and her octopus kite are in shades of her favourite hue, azure, aqua and turquoise. Lucy's bed on stilts with its colourful quilt and her toys and tea set are all shades of blue. Blueberries and cream and blue cordial are great for her afternoon tea.
Leigh Hedstrom's bright digital illustrations capture the many shades of blue. There are bold splashes of colour and closeups of Lucy's happy face with her blue-black hair. Look out for her little mouse that accompanies her throughout the pages. Lucy is a happy little girl, shown enjoying her surroundings and celebrating her blue world.
Cheryl Ann Knights' picture book is an amusing story, just right for sharing.
Rhyllis Bignell

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