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Mar 05 2010

Scream Street: Skull of the Skeleton by Tommy Donbavand

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Walker Books, 2009. ISBN 9781406314281.
(Ages 8 and up) Recommended. The fifth book in the Scream Street series finds werewolf Luke Watson searching for another of the relics which will help his family escape back to their old lives. It's Halloween, and the arrival of a new celebrity resident is causing a stir. Eddie aka the Headless Horseman, makes a grand entrance, causing mummies and skeletons alike to swoon. That is, until his head disappears. Meanwhile Luke, Cleo and Resus must fight a demon created by Sir Otto before his parents, and indeed the whole of Scream Street are destroyed.
This book, while part of a series, is also successful as a stand-alone read, as the characters are reintroduced and motives explained clearly. With witty writing, an abundance of bad taste, and a fast-moving plot, this is sure to entertain.
Donella Reed

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