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Apr 09 2019

Cocoon by Aura Parker

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Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781742765129.
(Age: 4+) Themes: Metamorphosis, Moths and butterflies, Cocoons, Insects. Dawn and her friends are larvae, aware that soon they will change and become encased in a cocoon from which they will emerge as moths or butterflies. The group cannot wait. They dream of weaving their cocoon and developing wings while inside their cocoon.
The story then follows Dawn and her friends as this stage of their development occurs. Parker creates humorous watercolour illustrations to show the insects as they eat an enormous amount of leaves, waiting for their cocooning. When Dawn feels that her time has come, she begins to weave her cocoon, at first knitting one which simply does not work. When she arrives at the correct method of enveloping herself within the cocoon, she settles down, wondering just when her wings will appear.
Young readers will be enthralled waiting with Dawn as her change appears, and imagining what she will turn into. Parker's use of the correct words will facilitate an introduction for young readers to a natural science lesson leading on to a discussion about moths and butterflies and their life cycles.
On the last endpaper, the author has included a number of things for readers to seek out.
Fran Knight

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