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Apr 02 2019

Happy girl lucky by Holly Smale

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Valentines book 1. HarperCollins, 2019. ISBN 9780008254148.
Happy girl lucky is an easy read for young girls who are innocent and always try to see the best in everything.
Meet Hope Valentine, a fifteen year old girl who has the life of a Barbie. Except she isn't allowed to be showed off to the public until she is sixteen. Hope has 3 siblings Faith, Mercy and Max who are all celebrities because they are a valentine.
In Hope's mind life is like a movie. Everything is edited to look perfect. She looks past every bad thing. She is aways happy - it's Hope's thing. After all she is happy girl lucky! She dreams of finding the perfect boyfriend. Hope just can't wait to get out and be revealed to the world.
One night her older brother Max sees Hope looking a bit down and decides to sneak her into a party with lots of celebrities. Hope's whole family is there. Hope sees her sisters arguing and decides to eavesdrop on their conversation. She hears them calling her insulting names and talking about a serious secret. As Hope sees everything in a good light she doesn't want to hear a bit more of it. So she leaves. As she is boarding the train, the doors close on her! She is then pulled through the doors by the most gorgeous boy she has ever seen. She sits with him on the train and they talk. She is amazed. As he leaves Hope wishes she got an invite to meet him again one day. Then a few seconds later he appears in front of Hope once more.
Annabel W. (student)

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