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Mar 21 2019

Love lie repeat by Catherine Greer

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Penguin Books, 2019. ISBN: 9780143791225.
(Age: 12+) Highly recommended. All Annie wants is to be loved. By Trip. By Ash and Ruby. By her parents. Even by her dead aunt, Margaretta, who ruined everything.
Following the friendship ins and outs of Annie, Ash, and Ruby, three 'it' girls or 'sirens' in Sydney's rich Upper North Shore, Love lie repeat shows the addictiveness of lies and manipulation when you've got something to hide from everyone, including yourself. Following Annie and her budding relationship with Ash's step-brother Trip, a notorious fire-starter from Canada, the reader delves into Annie's mind and her past to discover just what has soured this beautiful and self-assured teenager.
Intoxicating and addictive, Annie, Ash, and Ruby's friendship is half dream half nightmare. With sweet lies, broken trust, and manipulation Annie keeps her best friends in line, carefully peeling them away from her unfaithful boyfriend with little lies, spilled secrets, and punishment. Meanwhile Trip romances each girl in turn in different ways. A flirt and a liar, Trip is made for Annie. But what is Annie protecting by endangering her friendships and her friends?
Love lie repeat will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to uncover just what is driving Annie's need to be loved. Her tumultuous relationship with her parents and her memories of the aunt everybody loved are sprawled throughout the novel reminding readers that Annie's life and this story isn't just about Annie and her friends. Highly recommended for girls twelve and up. Teacher's notes are available.
Kayla Gaskell

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