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Mar 11 2019

Human body: A children's encyclopedia by Richard Walker et al.

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DK: Penguin Random House, 2019. ISBN: 9780241323069.
Highly recommended. Themes: Human Biology; Health. Dorling Kindersley non-fiction publications are always brilliantly presented, and this book is no exception. With exceptional clarity, the intricate detail of the way the human body functions is explained in language suitable for younger readers. Utilising small text boxes of information; amazing photographic and scientific diagrams and illustrations; and the occasional 'Wow!' bubble of information, the format is very visually appealing and will be enjoyed as a reference source for young readers.
[Note: The 'Life Cycle' Chapter is sensitively presented with detail that is appropriate for a youthful audience. With a greater emphasis on growth and change and genetics, rather than multiple pictures of anatomy or genitalia, this is not a book that will need to be looked at with adult supervision and libraries with younger students can be comfortable with the content.]
Highly recommended as a reference text for young readers interested in Biological Science.
Carolyn Hull

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