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Mar 06 2019

Mighty Mitch: Day/Night decider! by Mitchel Starc

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Mighty Mitch series book 5. Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781742769172.
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. The U10 Wombats are in the enviable position of playing in the Grand Final against the Dingoes team. But there's a bigger challenge than their unbelievable winning streak. Mitch and his quirky team mates are clearly having a ball playing by the new mixed Junior Cricket rules with 7-9 on a team and a shorter pitch; but now the rules state that the Grand Final is to be a Day/Night game. How are they going to overcome playing under lights with a pink ball to achieve new individual goals before the end of season - especially Oli, the team buffoon?
Coach makes them practise under the lights with the fearsome ball launcher and his motivational strategies seem to be doing the trick, if Josh can stay off his mobile phone and Oli can find his way back from the toilets or finally make a catch. Cassie, Jess, Hayden and Raf set their own goals and victory is within their grasp in the last over when Mitch's fumble is ruled a catch. Will he follow his conscience or make his team and his parents happy?
This illustrated novel flows well to its ethical conclusion and Starc must be commended on attributing ample skills to the girls on the team. Non-cricketers are supported by Philip Bunting's winsome illustrations and lucid technical aids, including a comprehensive Cricket Terms Glossary, a Fielding Positions chart, a Batting Shots Chart and even a table of all 11 Ways to get Out. Whether you can already distinguish between a Cherry and a Sweet Spot or not, this series is an excellent Middle to Upper Primary school introduction to Australia's national game.
Deb Robins

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