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Mar 04 2019

The lucky horseshoe by Chloe Ryder

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Ill. by Jennifer Miles. Princess Ponies book 9. Bloomsbury, 2019. ISBN: 9781547601646.
(Age: 7-9) Themes: Ponies, Magic. Chloe Ryder's ninth Princess Ponies story The Lucky Horseshoe takes Pippa and her magical ponies on another entertaining adventure. It's St Patrick's Day and poor Pippa's experiencing loads of bad luck, her cereal's run out, she trips on the front steps and she's placed in a different team for gym class. As she lays in bed thinking about her day, she hears a noise outside her window and there are her friends, Captain Rascal a black and white horse with a purple eye patch and three other ponies. They need Pippa's help to stop Divine a trouble-making pony from taking over Chevalia with an evil spell.
Just at the end of the street is a bedecked pirate ship tied up to the bank. They set sail on The Jolly Horseshoe to search the coves of the enchanted island of Chevalia to find Captain Scallywag's hidden treasure. Their trip is filled with danger, high seas, fierce winds and the mast caught by ropes. After Pippa climbs high to free the sails, their magical seahorse friends tow them to safety. Encounters with cowsharks, watching a special theatre performance and meeting royalty, all lead Pippa up to uncovering something special. Life on Chevalia is exciting and magical, this young girl loves helping her friends and solving mysteries. Lucky for Pippa, time in the magical kingdom is different to her earthly time!
Chloe Ryder's junior chapter book is just right for young horse fans who like a little magic and adventure. Jennifer Miles' line drawings bring the enchanted horses of Chevalia to life.
Rhyllis Bignell

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