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Feb 19 2010

Surf ache by Gerry Bobsien

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Walker Books, 2009.
(Age:12-15. Secondary) Recommended. Ella is a ballet dancer and has ambitions to dance professionally. However her world is turned upside down when her family moves from Melbourne to Newcastle and she is faced with sea and surf. Left behind are her boyfriend, Jamie and best friend Kate. On arriving at her new school she is teamed with another Kate for a school project and soon learns the most popular pastime of kids in Newcastle is surfing, something Kate loves to do. Ella tries to busy herself with her dancing however after she gets a job at the beach kiosk, she is soon drawn by the lure of the surf. Her initial attempts to master the waves are disastrous but with the help from some friends she begins to develop and soon discovers she has a talent. When first Melbourne Kate and then Jamie come to visit Ella realises how much her life has moved on and her priorities have changed. As she becomes more obsessed with surfing she also learns of her mother's links to the sport.
Ella is a strong character and we learn a lot through the challenges she faces trying to combine a love of dance with a growing love of surfing. Eventually one over comes the other but Ella's journey makes a great read.
Tracy Glover

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