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Feb 13 2019

The anger of angels by Sherryl Jordan

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Walker Books Australia, 2018. ISBN: 9781760650605.
(Age: 12+) I have never read a book by Sherryl Jordan before and was given this by a family friend. I originally was skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy this book, as it is not what I would usually read. It is a historical fantasy/romance that involves magic and mystery and it tells the story of Giovanna who is the daughter of a court jester. During a day in court she meets a young man, Raffaelle who is a hunchback and has just arrived from the opposing tyrannical city of the city that she lives. Raffaelle knows how cruel the prince is and has seen what he can do to those who offend him. Together they watch Giovanna's father performing a play that would enrage the tyrant prince, and this play will in turn cause terrible consequences towards innocents when the prince finds out about it. After learning about a secret that could destroy the tyrant prince Giovanna must decide what to do with the information.
This was an interesting book, the plot was compelling and I was eager to complete this book and find out what was going to happen next. The character development is well done and I read on as the relationship between Giovanna and Raffaelle grew.
The Anger of Angels is a book with a message of hope and shows us anyone can have the strength to act towards what you believe in or love.
Hoop Porter age 17

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