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Jan 22 2019

Clementine Rose and the bake-off dilemma by Jacqueline Harvey

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Random House, 2018. ISBN 9780143780595.
(Age: 7-11) Recommended. Themes: Cooking. Family. Clementine Rose's family and Penberthy House are preparing for the arrival of some interesting guests - the stars of a TV cooking show, but Clementine's mother doesn't seem to be coping. The local community also goes into a spin when Clementine Rose lets the news of the guests escape. The planned bake-off is scheduled to include local participants, who are all desperate to show off their talents. Clementine is also keen to be involved, but it seems that children will be excluded from the competition and filming. Clementine though has a great idea, if only someone will listen. With a bit of treachery, some intense competition, exciting family news, messy cooking attempts, there are many moments of sweet delight in this story and evidence of Clementine's detective skills.
This is the 14th in the Clementine Rose series by Jacqueline Harvey and lovers of the series and the young central character will be delighted with another intriguing episode in Clementine's life.
Recommended for readers aged 7-11
Carolyn Hull

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