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Jan 15 2019

Ten terrible dinosaurs by Paul Stickland

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Macmillan Children's Books, 2018. ISBN 9781509835522
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Themes: Dinosaurs. Prediction. Rhyme. Counting. Humour. From ten down to one, the text of this wonderfully inviting romp with a whole lot of dinosaurs will enthral readers as they count the number of animals on each page, attempt to recognsie which is which, predict the next number, and be highly amused at the antics of these beautiful, bright creatures.
Along with the republication of Dinosaur roar! (1993) Ten terrible dinosaurs (1997) makes a great companion piece and both will be eagerly read and borrowed from the school library. Ten terrible dinosaurs is a terrific offering to young readers, the illustrations looming large on each page, the dinosaur's characteristics easy to spot, movement splashing across the page just the impetus needed to get the readers up and dancing. The ten animals on the first page are standing neatly in a line but over the page they begin to mess about, losing one of their number, dancing causes another to leave and so on until only one is left on the page. So tired is he after all the movement that he lies down and sleeps, snoring until the rest reappear, waking him with their roars.
Young children will adore this being read out loud to them, joining in with the movement, prediction and fun of the tale, calling out how many dinosaurs are left on the next page, roaring with the ten at the end. What wonderful mayhem will occur when reading this book. And paired with Dinosaurs roar!, the classroom will be dinosaur heaven. Republished in conjunction with the Natural History Museum, London.
Fran Knight

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