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Jan 15 2019

Sage Cookson's snow day by Sally Murphy

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New Frontier Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925594423
(Age: 7-10) Highly recommended. Themes: Adventure. Cooking. Sage Cookson is the child of TV cooking stars and their celebrity life takes her to places a little out of the ordinary for a normal school child. Fortunately, she has a very understanding friend and a mobile phone to share her experiences. Her latest trip is to the snowfields where her parents are preparing a show with their long-time friend, Juliet, a renowned pastry chef. Juliet's son, Kyle, is usually there to entertain Sage, however on this visit Kyle seems out of sorts and a little 'cold' in his welcome and when he goes missing there is some real drama. But this time it is not Sage who is centre stage.
This easy read series by renowned writer Sally Murphy is very accessible for young readers aged 7-10; there is not a lot of text nor complexity, but there is interest and excitement. The lovely interactions between friends and family members are also quite delightful... a game of 'Spotto' on the trip to the snow is an episode in domestic dynamics with comfortable warmth and familiarity. There are also respectful friendships and manners demonstrated. Readers will want to follow Sage in other books in the series as she embarks on each new adventure.
Highly recommended for ages 7-10
(Suitable for struggling readers at the 'older' end of this scale as Sage herself is aged 10, but the text is not complex.)
Carolyn Hull

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