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Jan 14 2019

Comet's cross-country crime by Sally Sutton

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Ill. by Kirsten Richards. Miniwings book 5. Scholastic, 2018, ISBN: 9781775434870.
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Horses, Running, Theft. Six magical mini-horses bring fun, excitement and a little bit of naughtiness into their owners' lives. Told from Sophia's point of view, she describes her Five-Point Race-Training Master Plan for preparing for their school cross-country race. The Miniwings listened as the girls discuss their goal to win the race and receive 'Glorious Victory' even though Grace from the Red Team will be running with her magic shoes. Sophia pushes Clara a bit hard on their first day of fitness training and she fakes a twisted ankle.
Of course, the Miniwings horses all try to assist the girls with their training, but it is Comet who comes up with a special plan to help Clara and Sophia achieve their goal on race day. When Mr Jones the kind caretaker explains that he's marked the course with orange markers to help the runners find their way, Comet comes up with a tricky plan to confuse the rest of the teams. Grace Rocketer's magic shoes mysteriously disappear as well and she blames Sophia.
There are eerie noises, a monster chasing them, confused runners trying to find the race track, and lots of things to contend with along the way. Clara and Sophie's final decision shows a positive attitude and brings about a special victory in the girls' cross-country race.
Kirsten Richards' whimsical creatures, fun cartoon characters, quirky pastel paint and ink drawings fly, swirl and frame Sally Sutton's entertaining story told from Sophia's point of view. There's a dictionary of Miniwing-ese to explain all of the unique words they use to communicate.
Comet's Cross-Country Crime is an easy-to read beginning chapter book filled with horses and fun.
Rhyllis Bignell

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