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Jan 02 2019

Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake

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Macmillan, 2018. ISBN 9781509876495
(Age: 12+) Despite having read the previous books in the series, Three dark crowns and One dark throne I personally wasn't a fan of Two Dark Reigns. The addition to the series felt unnecessary.
The third book in the series, Two Dark Reigns follows the three queens of Fennbirn in their new lives. After Katherine's ascension, the island is filled with unease. Without the bodies of Arsinoe and Mirabella it is hard to prove their deaths, particularly when rumours of the legion-cursed Jules Milone resurface from the warrior city of Bastian. As the island revolts in the face of The Undead Queen and Katherine is increasingly forced to rely on the powers of the dead queens, whispers emerge of a revolution led by a new queen, a legion-cursed Naturalist with the strength of a Fennbirn queen.
Meanwhile, away from the island, Arsinoe and Mirabella struggle to reconcile themselves to their new lives. Each day is a challenge for Arsinoe as she continues to wear trousers and flaunt her scared face. Mirabella, by comparison, has an easier time blending in, her queenly grace finally being useful. However, things start to go arwy when Arsinoe is contacted by the spirit of the Blue Queen, an island legend who haunts her and demands they return to Fennbirn to save the island from Katherine.
While the sisters must decide what is best for the island, the people, and themselves, Jules must also decide who she wants to be and whether or not she can lead a revolution, breaking free of all the island is and leading it into a new age. I would recommend to fans of the previous books. The novel touches on feelings of otherness and loss of control.
Kayla Gaskell

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