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Dec 05 2018

Rainbow bear by Stephen Michael King

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Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742997698
(Age: 3+) Highly recommended. Themes: Bears, Fathers, Children, Families, Humour. A wonderfully funny and engaging book about families and the way they interact will appeal to readers as they watch the antics of the children playing with their father. The cubs greet their father, home from the long journey back from the city with glee. They know he will have brought them presents, and they frolic with him for the rest of the day, running, playing and tickling. But as soon as the shadows blow in, the bear is fast asleep. When he wakes he has a different coat, a sparkly, colour filled coat that looks bright against the snow and ice. Each morning he wakes to a different coat, one day swirls and lines, another circles and dots, and each day when he goes for a swim, it washes off.
One day he wakes and spots small footprints near where he has slept, and following the steps, comes to his bear cubs and their pots of paint. The problem is solved, but not before everyone is covered in paint, all the colours of the rainbow decorating their coats.
Full of the wonder of the relationship between families, particularly dad and the children, this story radiates warmth and togetherness as many facets of family life are shown. Readers cannot help but respond to the father's joy in his children or their happiness in being with him, able to include him within their games, and trick him with the paint. A wonderful read aloud, this book underscores the part of each person within the family, particularly the father.
Fran Knight

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