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Dec 04 2018

Disney ideas book by Elizabeth Dowsett

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DK, 2018. ISBN 9780241314210
Whether it's 101 Dalmatians, Coco, The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse or Tangled, every child has a favourite Disney movie, and in this super-sized activity book there are projects to accompany more than 50 of them!
Listed firstly by the type of project and then by the movie, young readers can easily find their favourite and soon find themselves making Elsa's sparkly cape, Buzz Lightyear's Wings, Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, Belle's book garland or even doing the boogie with Baloo. Each activity is related to a character from the movie, has a list of the equipment needed, if any, and clear step-by-step instructions so that young readers can follow the steps independently. There are templates, tips, tricks and explanations and the typical DK layout makes it accessible to all ages and abilities, although some may need adult assistance.
Each activity provides a procedural text to follow, which could be used as a model for students to create their own, while others like the parachuting soldiers from Toy Story offer science to be explored and explained.
With so many activities, this one book could form the basis of your STEM and craft curriculum for the year, while being the perfect addition to the family entertainment library as the long summer holidays loom. No computer screens required!
Barbara Braxton

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