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Nov 29 2018

Someday by David Levithan

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Text Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925603903
(Age: Teenagers 14+) Recommended. 'Everyday a new body. Everyday a new life. Everyday a new choice. For as long as A can remember, life has meant waking up in a different person's body every day, forced to live as that person until the day ends. A always thought there wasn't anyone else who had a life like this. But A was wrong. There are others. A has already been wresting with powerful feelings of love and loneliness. Now comes an understanding of the extremes that love and loneliness can lead to - and what it's like to discover that you are not alone in the world.' (Publisher)
Someday by David Levithan is the gripping sequel to the previous book, Everyday. Someday explores a number of themes such as love, loneliness and what it's like to be human as well as giving readers a satisfying conclusion to the series. In this book, Levithan has delved deeper into the complex lives of A and Rhiannon and the struggles that they've been through in the past few months since where the previous novel left off. A struggles with their love for Rhiannon and the challenges that they've faced being alone once more. Meanwhile, Rhiannon can't quite let go of A even though she has no idea where A is or what A looks like. The story gets increasingly more suspenseful with a new antagonist, previously known as Poole, who is set on hunting A down and as the story goes on, we discover more about his true motives and sinister way of life. This storyline kept me hooked until the very end and it left me thinking, long after I'd turned the final page.
Someday follows the similar ideas and themes as Everyday but with a completely new storyline. It's told in a number of different perspectives that are all equally as engaging and interesting to read about. Levithan has a very unique style of writing which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book so much. Someday explores a number of relevant and important themes and teaches the reader to never give up on those you love and to live every single day to the fullest. It also questions what it really means to be human and what it's like to discover that you're not alone in the world. These are are all very insightful and thought provoking ideas that will really open your eyes to what it truly means to love one another.
Overall, Someday is a gripping and heartwarming sequel to Everyday that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I would highly recommend it for teenagers over the age of 14 who are fans of some of David Levithan's other books. Someday is a beautiful story and if you enjoyed Everyday, you will not be disappointed by the sequel.
'There are some days you know ahead of time are going to be important, but most of the important ones end up catching you by surprise. The best thing to do is to treat all your days well. Then see what happens.' - David Levithan, Someday
Grace Austin (Student)

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